It is never too early to start thinking about vaccines for your trip to Kenya! Some of the vaccines require a series if you’ve not been vaccinated before and some vaccines may not be readily available, so start this process plenty early. The CDC has a lot of information on vaccines and medications you may need:

Make an appointment to see a travel doctor. You can discuss your trip with a travel doctor and they will recommend which vaccines are right for you. You will also need a prescription for Malaria medication, especially since we will be visiting Kenya during the rainy season and mosquitoes will be present. Be aware that there are different types of Malaria meds and some have unwelcome side effects so ask your doctor about those. Also ask your doctor about a prescription for an antibiotic (Cipro is good) which can help with traveler’s diarrhea and/or a UTI should you need it. Better to be prepared and not need it!

Currently, Kenya does not require proof of yellow fever vaccine from people coming from the United States into Kenya. However, it could be possible that we would get rerouted to a country that does require it, so we recommend getting the vaccine, which is good for life. The yellow fever vaccine is in short supply so you may need to call around to see where it is available.

If you are unsure where to find a travel doctor, call your clinic…if they don’t have one, they will be able to tell you where to find one. Many insurance companies cover your visit to a travel doctor and the vaccines.