*How will my sponsorship dollars be used?

The money you send in support of your child will help to provide for their basic needs…food, housing, medical attention, and education costs. Any leftover dollars will be put in a “pool” to benefit all of the children at the school (For example to purchase food for the school). We are in direct relationship and communication with the Board of Management at the school, ensuring your sponsorship dollars will be used for the intended purposes. A small amount of your gift – $1 or less – will be used for wire transfer fees. None of your sponsorship dollars are used for mission trips or administrative costs other than the fees described.

*Will my sponsorship automatically renew?

Yes…If you made your donation via credit card on our website – whether you have an annual or monthly sponsorship, it will automatically renew until and if you cancel the sponsorship. If you want to change the date of your next payment, you may do so on your account page. Any optional fees you added upon checkout will not automatically renew. If your sponsorship was made by check, we will contact you regarding extending your sponsorship.

*Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Unfortunately, sending mail to Kenya does not always work. However, in the past we have worked on Christmas cards to send to all of the children. We gathered them from sponsors and sent them back with a friend when she visited the U.S. The school has said they would try to send updates for the children, which will be sent to us and then in turn be emailed to you. Also, whenever we – or others we know – travel to the school, we will notify you and we can bring with a letter written by you to your child. We are hopeful that we can do this at least once per year. We are trying to get an electronic communications system in place.

*Does the school receive funds from other sources?

The Kenyan government provides a small stipend to the school. Also, the parents of the students (when parents are present) are asked to pay a school fee, however most of these families are very poor and cannot afford even a small fee. In addition, the school does have some benefactors that give monetary donations and mission teams will often bring hygiene and school supplies. Your sponsorship dollars will provide for a portion of the budgeted cost for housing/feeding/educating your sponsored child.

*Do you accept donations other than for child sponsorship?

Yes! If you are not yet ready to commit to child sponsorship, you can make a one time donation from our child sponsorship page. https://loveabides.org/product-category/one-time-donations/ You may also mail in a check of support. There is a form you can print out to accompany your donation here: https://loveabides.org/mail-in-form/

*Are my donations and child sponsorship dollars tax deductible?

Yes! Love Abides is a MN nonprofit charitable organization which has been granted tax exempt status from the IRS under section 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible.

*I have paid for a sponsorship but it still shows “not yet sponsored” for my child on the website…

It may take a short time to show “Sponsored – thank you!” on the child’s picture. If you notice after a day or so that it still doesn’t, please let us know!

*I’m having trouble with adding my sponsorship to the cart…

You must first register your email address and a password for login. After registering, you will be able to add your sponsorship and view your cart to pay and check out. You can register here: https://loveabides.org/my-account/

*I have another question not answered here…

Feel free to email us at any time with your questions or concerns: info@loveabides.org