Where: Tawa, Kenya – a small village 3 hours SE of Nairobi. We will be serving at Kakuswi Special School for the Deaf near Tawa and working on a construction project there.

When: June 12 – 26, 2024

Who: Anyone with a heart to serve! Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Number of participants: Minimum of 10, Maximum of 18

Cost: $2940 There is a payment plan – see below. Also, we hope to do lots of fundraising!

What does your trip fee include?

  • All bus transportation while in Kenya
  • All meals while in Kenya
  • Housing, including one night in a Nairobi hotel
  • Visit a giraffe and/or orphaned elephant center
  • International medical insurance coverage
  • Construction donation for supplies and construction foremen
  • Wages for local people who will provide services for us while in Tawa, for example: a chef who will cook safe food for us, ladies who will wash our clothes, young men who provide water for bathing and watch over our night time safety. The wages are a huge blessing for these local workers!
  • Attend a local church service
  • Lead VBS at a local school
  • The privilege to Serve, Work, and Play at Kakuswi Special School for the Deaf
  • Visit local families in their home
  • Experience local craftsmen at a Kenyan market and woodcarver shop
  • A small plane flight to the Masaii Mara for a 2-night stay and game drives at a safari camp.
  • A chance to immerse yourself in local Kenya culture and get to know the country and its people.
  • After covering all above costs, any extra money remaining will be used to bless the school and/or community. LOVE ABIDES DOES NOT RETAIN ANY PART OF YOUR FEES

*Listed above are the activities we have planned, but we ask you to understand that things may happen that change those plans! Some things are out of our control, so it is important that we all be flexible and trust that we will see and do the things God wants us to!

Your trip fee does NOT include:

  • Airfare to and from Kenya – We can book these all together as the trip gets closer but you are responsible for that cost.
  • Passport/Visa costs
  • Spending money
  • Vaccines. AS OF NOW, A COVID19 VACCINE IS NOT REQUIRED FOR THIS TRIP. Consult your travel doctor for needed vaccines. For more vaccine info:

Application and fee schedule:

Mission Kenya 2024 fee schedule

Deposit Due 11/17/23 $200

1st payment Due 1/15/24 $550

2nd payment Due 2/15/24 $550

3rd payment Due 3/15/24 $550

4th payment Due 4/15/24 $550

5th payment Due 5/10/24 $540

* Total $2940

* Payments will most likely be less, depending on fundraising. Any $$ that come in from fundraising or trip donations will be credited to your account. Your account balance will be tracked and you will be updated regularly.

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Jambo!! We are excited that you are considering joining our 2024 mission team! Use the Mission Trip dropdown menu at the top of the page to see other useful trip information. And while you’re here…take a look at the entire website and learn more about Love Abides!

Nikki Bell

We would love for you to join us on our next mission team in 2024!

Hi there Love Abides My name is Allan Maingi, a local here in Kenya ..just happened to pass by this site while doing some research on Kenyan Sign Language. I would like to say I think this mission is really worth it and may it positively impact you guys and also the children/ people at Kakuswi. Personally I would love to get the chance to interact with you guys and also help out on your mission, if this would be possible kindly let me know. cheers 🙂


Hi Allan, thank you for your comments and your interest in Love Abides. It would be nice to meet you some time when we visit Kenya.

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