Application and fee schedule

* There are limited spots open for this trip…if you are interested, get your application in along with your deposit before 2/20/22 to reserve your spot! Due to the uncertainty with the pandemic, we are offering full refunds of your deposit should we have to cancel the trip due to Covid19 circumstances.

Download and print out this 3 page application. Sign and return your completed application with your deposit check of $200 to:

Love Abides, 55535 Fairfield Ave., Pine City, MN. 55063 Please include a copy of your medical insurance, your Covid19 vaccination card, and passport with your application. If you do not have your passport or vaccine card yet, you may still send in your application…just send the other info when you get it!

Payment Deadlines

Total cost of trip not including airfare is $2500 per person.

  • Initial deposit of $200 must accompany application and is due by 2/20/22 to secure your place on the mission team. Spots on the mission team will be reserved on a first come, first served basis as deposits come in.
  • Remaining $ will be divided in 2 payments. The first payment of $1100 is due by 3/31/22 We have funds available to assist you if you sign up by the deadline!
  • The second and final payment of $1200 is due 5/1/22.
  • Refund policy: The $200 deposit is refundable only up until the first payment is due. After that, payments are non-refundable although consideration will be made in the event of an emergency. If Love Abides has to cancel the trip for any unforeseen safety reasons, your trip fees can be used for you to participate in a future trip.
  • We require participants to have medical insurance, covid vaccine, and passport. Attach a copy of all three to your application.

In order to avoid credit card fees, all payments must be paid by personal or cashier’s check. If you want to pay for your trip by credit card, we will also gladly accept convenience checks from your credit card account.

Please make your checks payable to “Love Abides” and mail with your application to:

55535 Fairfield Ave., Pine City, MN. 55063

Email with any questions: [email protected]